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Roadside Canal Marker Campaign

Our Progress
$0 $2300

Help us replace this historical marker that went missing years ago. This is the only photo of what it used to look like.

Any and all donations are welcome. 

Roadside Canal Marker Campaign

What is missing?
An historical roadside marker that denoted the Northern terminus, Beaver Division of the Pennsylvania Canal system. It was located at the ramp from Ben Franklin Highway to Harbor-Edinburg Road.

Why is it important to replace it?
If the marker is not replaced, an important recognition of our local history will fade away. The “missing” original marker was erected in 1948 by the PA Historic and Museum Commission through the work of the State Historian, Dr. Sylvester Stevens. 

Text on Original Marker
Northern terminus, Beaver Division of Pennsylvania Canal system, completed to this point, 1834. Important shipping point before completing “Cross-Cut Canal” to Ohio, 1838, and Erie Extension to Greenville, 1840.

Help Us Replace This Historical Marker!


11 am to 4 pm EVERY Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. A mask is required to enter. Thank you for your courtesy and understanding.

INCLUDES PLATES FEATURING: Jacqueline and President John F. Kennedy, President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s first birthday in the White House, famous local people, Christmas plate collections, and many others.

This display showcases a new assembly of Shenango China. It was meticulously put together by Jim Witon, volunteer and chair of the archives committee.

SECOND FLOOR – MARYANN GALIANO ROOM (dedicated to a former board member and long-time volunteer who passed away in June of 2020). 


From the Beginning
Tales of Lawrence County, Pennsylvania

NOW AVAILABLE online and in our Gift Shop
CLICK HERE FOR description & purchase information 

Cascade Park:
Western Pennsylvania’s Rural Escape

NOW AVAILABLE online and in our Gift Shop
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A Civil War Husband
100th Pennsylvania Roundheads

Maryann Galiano Room Dedication

On October 24, 2020 at 2:00 pm (eastern time), we dedicated a room on the second floor of the Joseph A. Clavelli Cultural Heritage Center in memory of our former board member and long-time volunteer, Maryann Galiano. The room which contains an extensive display of our Shenango China is now known as the Maryann Galiano Room. Among her many contributions, this is a room she dedicated an enormous amount of time to organizing the myriad of information found there. People in attendance were wearing masks and social distancing due to COVID-19 restrictions. Others attended via Zoom.

Click HERE to read her Obituary in the New Castle News.

LCHS Advisement

“The Lawrence County Historical Society strongly advises against the establishment of a Dollar General on Highland Avenue in the North Hill Historic District.”
– Edward X. Petrus, LCHS Board President

To learn more about the historical society position on commercial businesses in the North Hill Historic District, read our BLOG ARTICLE. 

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