Civil War Series

image of civil war statutetext referring to civil war series

Admission was by application only & limited to 25 students

This program was exclusively for 5th and 6th graders from the following schools. Each student was required to have a chaperon and is restricted to only one chaperon per student.

Ellwood City Area School District
Laurel School District
Mohawk Area School District
Neshannock Township School District
New Castle Area School District
Shenango Area School District
Union Area School District
Wilmington Area School District

Learning Outcomes

By taking part in this class, the students will be able to confidently state that they have learned the following items:

  1. Identify major themes of the Civil War
  2. Recognize important people such as generals, soldiers, abolitionists, and many others
  3. Understand the impact of the Civil War on the United States, both socially and politically
  4. Identify major battles fought
  5. Understand the significance of the Battle of Gettysburg
  6. Recognize the global impact of the Civil War
  7. Interpret the main ideas of both Confederate and Union supporters
  8. Establish an understanding for the cause and effects of the Civil War on the United States in the 1800s
  9. Learn about the equipment and weaponry a soldier would use during the Civil War
  10. Experience first-hand the landscape and location of an actual Civil War battlefield