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2020 Civil War Series

with June Trip to Gettysburg

Available to all Lawrence County 5th and 6th grade students. Registration required. Our three-week Civil War Series includes:

  • engaging re-enactors from The 10th Pennsylvania group
  • interactive classes
  • a June trip to Gettysburg National Military Park for a personal tour of the Civil War battlefield
  • Enrollment will be open to students from the following eight school districts: Ellwood City, Laurel, Mohawk, Neshannock, New Castle (includes New Castle Christian Academy and St Vitas), Shenango, Union, and Wilmington 


Photo by Denise Guthery

The goal of the series is to educate the Lawrence County youth about the Civil War and encourage students to gain an understanding of the Civil War through an experiential learning. These students will focus their studies on the Civil War with an emphasis on the Battle of Gettysburg.

The class will be tailored to 5th and 6th graders of Lawrence County schools, aged 10–12 years. The class will incorporate re-enactors, educational materials, as well as 30+ years of experience in the study of the Civil War. Twenty-five (25) Lawrence County students will have the opportunity to participate in this series, which will take place within the Lawrence County Historical Society’s Medure Annex.

Dates and Times: Coming soonThe classes will meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays between June 9–25, 2020 from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.. There will be a trip to Gettysburg, PA on June 27, 2020.


photo of instructor frank lorello

Frank Lorello is a retired Mohawk elementary teacher, who has a great interest and skill set within the Civil War. He has about 30+ years of experience within the said study and has organized events with Union Area School District, re-enactors, educational materials, and excursions to the Civil War battlefields. He is a native of Lawrence County and is still very active with tourist groups to Civil War sites.

Civil War Impact on Lawrence County

image of civil war statute
  • Lawrence County. was a hotbed of anti-slavery sentiment and operated several hideaways for runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad
  • This area had many devoted Lincoln supporters
  • One in five Lawrence County residents enlisted in service for the Union
  • Key locals formed two units “The Roundheads” and “Battery B”
  • The Roundheads and Battery B units saw action at the Second Battle of Bull Run, Antietam, Fredericksburg, Vicksburg, and Gettysburg

Learning Outcomes

welcome to historic gettysburg sign

By taking part in this class, students were be able to confidently state that they learned the following items:

  1. Identify major themes of the Civil War
  2. Recognize important people such as generals, soldiers, abolitionists, and many others
  3. Understand the impact of the Civil War on the United States, both socially and politically
  4. Identify major battles fought
  5. Understand the significance of the Battle of Gettysburg
  6. Recognize the global impact of the Civil War
  7. Interpret the main ideas of both Confederate and Union supporters
  8. Establish an understanding for the cause and effects of the Civil War on the United States in the 1800s
  9. Learn about the equipment and weaponry a soldier would use during the Civil War
  10. Experience first-hand the landscape and location of an actual Civil War battlefield
re-enactor from the 10th pennsylvania

News Brief: Historical Society Forges Ahead with Civil War Series

New Castle, PA — The Lawrence County Historical Society (LCHS) Civil War Series, embraces the mission to preserve, protect, and promote local history within our community. The Historical Society hosts a three-week Civil War Series usually in mid June. The series includes engaging re-enactors, interactive classes, enjoyable experiences, and educational materials. In addition, the students and their guardians travel to Gettysburg National Military Park at the end of the program for a personal tour of the Civil War battlefield. We are happy to have Mr. Frank Lorello instruct the classes and share his 30+ years of experience teaching about the Civil War.

Summary of our 2019 Program

Entrance was by application only. Our 22 participating students from the 5th and 6th grades each had a chaperon.  Approximately 86% of the participants said that they were “Very Satisfied” overall with the series. The following school districts were represented and the number of students who participated is in (): Laurel (2), Neshannock (8), New Castle (2), Shenango (2), Union (7), Wilmington  (1)

Feedback from our 2018 Program

Entrance was by application only. We had 25 participating students from eight school districts. Each student had a chaperon. The positive feedback supported the idea for the program to continue. One participant remarked, “I hope that you continue to have this Civil War Series for years to come.” Likewise, a parent stated, “I hope I get the opportunity to do [the Series] in the following years with my other kids.” The program allows for students, volunteers, teachers, parents and guardians, and historians to collaborate in a pursuit of learning, significant to our region. 

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